Beyond reviews, you'll find various types of book-related content on this blog. See below to get a little taste of what they are!

This year I'm formally participating in four year-long challenges (First-in-Series; 50 States; Historical Romance; Vampires!). There's also information on two virtual book clubs that are going on during 2011: The Women of Fantasy, and The Women of Science Fiction. The tracking lists for these can be found here.
These posts are usually more free-form, but are almost always on a book- or reading-centric topic. View past posts here.

Sometimes, excitement for an upcoming release is just too much to keep to oneself! In these posts, you'll find various musings on a book; an analysis of its book description, interesting (non-spoiler) tidbits surrounding the book, and any other fun information. Find 'em here!

Cover Talk
...because there's nothing wrong with a little cover love. ^_^ Often folded into an In Anticipation post, cover talk discusses awesome covers and the artists who create them. How do they fit with a book's content and theme? Is there a particularly intriguing cover comparison (as with the timeless US-UK cover battle!). Find that all here.

A list of the various visits by authors to MNtR. (Arranged by author last name.)
Self-explanatory, right? I'm excited about adding this feature and hope you'll enjoy the talks to come! (Arranged by date.)

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