Guest Post: Author Deena Remiel Interviews TRINITY's Michael!

I'm so excited to be able to welcome the fabulous Deena Remiel to MNtR today. The author of Trinity sits down with the book's protagonist, Michael D'Angelo, for a quick interview about his job as an elementary school principal, and its relationship to his other role as protector of humankind. I got to sit in on the session, and I'll say now, Michael is beyond swoon-worthy. ^_^

Deena Remiel: Good day to everyone! I’d like to thank Alisha for having me over today. With the school year quickly coming to a close in Arizona, I was lucky enough to snag Michael D’Angelo, Prophet’s Point Elementary School principal and Brethren Protector for a few minutes and a few questions.
Michael: Hello Alisha, Deena, everyone… *gives me a big hug*
DR: *I blush* Michael, good to see you! Have a seat. Glad you could spare some time today out of your busy schedule. I was wondering if you could answer a couple of burning questions for us.
MD: I’d be happy to. The students are getting mighty restless, but I’m sure Emma and the rest of my staff are keeping them busy with learning and fun. *winks*
DR: This brings me to my first question. How long have you been principal at Prophet’s Point Elementary School? And what made you choose it?
MD: Well, I’ve been principal there now for 6 years. I didn’t actually choose it. It chose me. I just had a feeling when I got the call to interview that it was going to be my home for a good long while.
DR: Now, we know you’re a Brethren as well, right?
MD: Yes, I’m a Brethren Protector. *leans in close* But please, don’t go spreading it around. I try to keep my two lives as separate as possible.
DR: Don’t worry, this is only being seen by hundreds of humans. *I pat his hand* That leads me to my next question. How do you juggle these two lives- your normal, everyday human job and your immortal, angelic job? I mean, don’t you get confused sometimes or afraid your cover will be blown?
MD: Well, to tell you the truth, sometimes the lines do blur. But it doesn’t happen often. I see these two careers as being very similar. As a Brethren Protector, I’m charged with the responsibility of protecting the human race from Evil. As a school principal, I protect the students and faculty that are in my care. Juggling gets a little hairy when I’m thrust into a situation that needs my attention and I’m in the middle of the school day. It’s a bit tricky to coordinate coverage. But the staff is wonderful and picks up my slack when I can’t be there. *smiles and shifts in his seat* As far as keeping my Brethren identity under wraps, that is difficult. I guess this interview is going to “out” me.
DR: I think people will welcome the knowledge that angels are here on earth. Don’t you?
MD: *chuckles* I honestly don’t know.  I’ll just have to wait and see if the world embraces me. There are plenty of people under the influence of Evil that won’t be too happy. As we Brethren say… Evil better start running!
DR: Ooh…  A bit of a threat there. *I raise an eyebrow* So have you been busy with fighting Evil?
MD: It’s like a never-ending story, Deena, with wars and battles, both sides winning and losing in turn. But in the end, Good has remained sovereign over this world. *frowns*
DR: What’s up, Michael?
MD: I don’t know. I just got a feeling. Something is brewing. I’d better get going. Can’t ignore the senses, you know. Thanks so much for having me here today, Alisha. Deena, I’ll be talking to you real soon. Give my best to your editor, Nicole. I hear she gets emotional over your work. *winks*
DR: Thank you, Michael. And best of luck with those senses. Stay safe! Well, Alisha, I guess it’s time for me to go as well. But knowing that you have a “need to read”, I’ll leave you with a blurb from Trinity, my new paranormal romance novel that’s available wherever eBooks are sold. Thanks again for hosting me here. I’ve had a wonderful time!
Thank you, Michael (*wink, giggle, blush*), and many thanks to Deena Remiel! It was fab having them stop by. If you'd like to read more about the Brethren Protector as created by Remiel, be sure to check out Trinity. Here's a bit about the story:
Mmm. Yes, please!
One way or another, terror will reign tonight.
     School teacher and single mom, Emma Livingston, has been through hell—and back so she thinks. While dealing with the night terrors and active imagination of her five-year old daughter, Hannah, she attempts to lead a normal life. That is, until the demon from those nightmares pays her a visit, too, and threatens both of their lives. Desperate, she reaches out for help—and finds Michael waiting.
     Michael D’Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet’s Point, Arizona, as their loving elementary school principal. But to The Brethren, he is the most powerful Protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he’s without doubts or fears, as protecting Emma and Hannah from Evil tests his ability to fight his tortured past.
     As the Trinity is formed, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, Hannah becomes the main target and Emma wonders if a normal life will ever be possible again. Hope is like an anchor, but can a mother, her daughter, and an angel overcome the evil determined to annihilate the world?
©Deena Remiel, 2011.
You can find Deena Remiel at:

You can buy Trinity at:
Decadent Publishing (link); Amazon (link); Barnes & Noble (link)


  1. Alisha, thanks for having the both of us over the other for this interview. You've got a lovely place here and I look forward to returning and reading other posts as well. :D

  2. Fantastic interview! Fantastic book! Awesome job Deena.

  3. I'm glad to have a chance to get up close and personal with Michael,the elementary school principal and Brethren Protector from Trinity, Deena.

    Great interview! Yes, and fabulous story! Can't wait for book two.

  4. I do like character interviews :D
    It was nice getting to know you Michael

  5. JM, Kathleen, thanks for stopping by today. CAn't wait to get Book 2 in your hands!
    Blodeuedd, so glad you enjoyed Michael's interview. You can get to know him intimately in Trinity. ;-)


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