Armchair BEA Day 3: Bloggers I Heart

There are a lot of blogs and bloggers I dig; I think that might just be the same with most other bloggers out there. We're a community-lovin bunch; it fits perfectly with the reasons why we love to blog in the first place (which I hope include some version of "to share a love of books with like-minded individuals"). If I tried to list all of my most beloved blogs and bloggers, I'd be here all day long. So instead, I'm listing three. For a full list of my faves, check out the sidebar to the far right. ---->

Book Lovers INCBook Lovers, Inc. 
This blog just has so much life and energy, and its all because of the ladies (“Lovers”) contributing to it regularly. Regular posts like "Around the Bookish World" and "New Releases" serve as my best look at the latest book happenings (Google, who?), while their "The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?" features make me smile every time. Each contributor brings a unique flavor to the mix, as evidenced by their varied, creative and descriptive pseudonyms. Just call me the Needy Lover, ‘cos I need this blog like I need to read. ^_^

Don't worry too much about trying to pronounce the name Blodeuedd ('s blod-EH-yeth, right?). You won't be able to capture this blogger's awesomeness from that uniqueness alone. She often reads things just outside of my radar, so invariably I find great new-to-me picks to add to the TBR list. She's gloriously opinionated, super engaging, fun to follow, and seems to be everywhere at once. If there were a single blogger that I had to identify as the coolest, she'd be it.

Parajunkee's View 
This last pick is no surprise. To me, Rachel of Parajunkee's View is the gold standard to which book bloggers should aspire. She provides fantastic reviews, gives great interviews, and hosts one of the most popular memes around. On top of that, she's sweet, amiable, and is always trying to help other bloggers out. I have high, apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes of attending the 2012 Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans...and this blogger is among those that I'm most looking forward to meeting in person.

So, that's that. It should go without saying, but... you simply must check out the three blogs above. I guarantee you won't be sorry you did.


  1. Awww, that is so sweet! I think I just melted into a puddle of aaaawwsss now :)

    Now I sure would love to steal your words and use them to describe myself on my blogger page :) But I can't get too full of myself now ;)

  2. Parajunkee is definitely great. I'll have to look at the others more.

  3. Thank you so much ma belle. See I didn't forget and I now try for the millions time to leave a comment.
    You can't believe how happy this made us. *g*
    *big squishy hugs*

  4. And cuz commenting works right now. I love Blodeuedd's place too. =P


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