Rating Scale

In an attempt to have something nice and tidy to look at, I'll be assigning numerical ratings to the books I "review" (as opposed to just "ramble about" or "idly comment on").

The very short version of my ratings, which more than anything refer to my personal reading experience:
     5: Amazing! ~ I absolutely loved it.
     4: Really good ~ I really liked it.
     3: Not bad ~ I liked it.
     2: Not good ~ I didn't like it.
     1: Struggled to finish ~ I really didn't like it.
Half (.5) ratings are some measure between those sentiments.

In all honestly, you'll likely not find very many 1's here. This is because I like to enjoy something about a book that I'd reading... and if there's absolutely nothing that I can enjoy on some level, I'll simply just...stop reading. :o)  Almost never happens, though. Usually by the time I decide to read a book, I've found some indication that there's something in it that I'll find amenable.

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