Interview with Author Jerri Drennen

Greetings, funky fresh guys and gals! I'm very pleased to welcome author Jerri Drennan to MNtR today! We'll be chatting for a bit about the fun and wild super-agent world of Her Man Flint, Drennan's latest book release, as well as about some of her upcoming projects (here's a hint--romantic suspense with all the trimmings of excitement!). Many thanks to Ms. Drennan for visiting today, and a very hearty welcome! So without further ado...

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MNtR: Can you tell us a bit about Her Man Flint---Twitterstyle (140 characters or less)? ^_^

Jerri: The stories about two ex-lovers forced to work together to exonerate the other of murder and in the process learn to trust again.

MNtR: The cover of this book reflects perfectly the fun, frenetic, saucy tone of the story and its cast. How did the theme and tone of this tale come about, given its relative difference to some of the more serious romantic suspense you've written in the past?

Jerri: Actually, Her Man Flint was my very first romantic suspense. The last few stories I've written have a more serious tone.

MNtR: Main characters Adriana and Flint make for the perfect international agents--effective and deadly. Do you have any favorite secret agents or spies from pop culture?

Jerri: James Bond of course and on a more fun note, Austin Powers.

MNtR: Along with Flint, some of your other heroes are strong, intense agents of justice. And like Adriana, your heroines can more than keep up! Can you tell us what draws you to the these powerhouse, lawful characters?

Jerri: I'm like men and women of justice on television so I guess it's not a stretch to want to write about these types of characters. Though, I have to say, I love my cops and agents to be flawed, as you can tell by Flint.

MNtR: Your writing slogan is, "Heroes packing more than just handguns." A very accurate descriptor of your previous works. ^_^ Can you tell us about some of the heroes you have in mind for your future books?

Jerri: Right now I'm working on my Z series. Ex-Navy Seals who work for a private security group. Think Blackwater. More on the realm of your typical romantic suspense with blackmail, murder plots and revenge.

MNtR: Are there any other genres or tropes that you've not yet written stories for, but would like to try your hand at?

Jerri: I have to say I found my passion in writing romantic suspense and I'm going to stick with it.

MNtR: Thank you so much for stopping by today to answer my questions!

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Author Bio
Jerri Drennen was raised on a farm in a tiny town in Minnesota where the winters were long and being stuck inside awarded her the opportunity to read and tell stories. Years later, after moving away from family, marrying her husband of twenty-five years and having their four children, she started writing when her youngest was three. Eleven years and many manuscripts later, she has one contemporary romance and three romantic suspense novellas with Samhain Publishing, a category romantic suspense at The Wild Rose Press and two action-adventure romances at Liquid Silver Books. Now, she's trying her hand at self-publishing.

Her Man Flint
By Jerri Drennen

If James Bond and Cleopatra Jones had a daughter, Adriana Kent would kick her ass.

Everything Adriana knows about being a top-notch, undercover agent she's learned from her partner, Flint Morgan, in and out of the sheets. That is, until he's caught between those same bed linens with another woman. Heartbroken, Adriana refuses to forgive him. But when 'the other woman' is found dead in Flint's apartment, she steps up to prove his innocence--he might be a womanizer, but he's no killer.

As Adriana closes in on a suspect, she's kidnapped and sent overseas to a sadistic prince who collects women like priceless pieces of art. Now this tough as nails agent finds herself playing the helpless courtesan to a man hell-bent on breaking her spirit. Flint arrives in the nick of time, dressed as a harem girl, fighting off randy guards and surly camels to rescue Adriana so they can fly back to the states to find a way to exonerate him for murder. 

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