DO Judge a Book by its Cover!

Okay, so there's the age-old adage warning us all not to judge books by their cover; advice which in both literal and figurative contexts is quite sound. But I must admit that book cover art can be satisfying in its own right. Hell, there are times when I'm just as excited for the release of book's cover art as I am for the book. Perhaps there's some way to judge a book cover by it's...well, book cover? ^_^

Yes, indeed there is! The wonderful ladies over at All Things Urban Fantasy are hosting the 2010 Urban Fantasy Cover Art Awards. The group of nominations was selected by over 50 experts (bloggers, reviewers, artists, authors, publishers etc.), who checked out hundreds of pieces from 2010. Anyone can vote on these final nominations, which are organized into 15 categories:

  • Best Anthology Cover
  • Best Foreign (non US) Cover
  • Best Paranormal YA Cover
  • Best Paranormal Steampunk Cover
  • Best Object Cover
  • Best Male Cover
  • Best Female Cover
  • Best Duo Cover
  • Best Male w/ Animal Cover
  • Best Female w/ Animal Cover
  • Most Unique Cover
  • Best Debut Cover
  • Best Covers in a Series
  • Best Sneak Peak Cover for 2011
  • Cover of the Year 2010
Makes for lots of "pretty" to look at! What's more, the awards are tied to giveaways of a whole host of books. Much cooler than an "I Voted" sticker, if you ask me. ^_^ Voting is open until December 29: HERE.


  1. Ooh! I wasn't aware of this yet ^.^ *goes off to vote* BTW, your Twitter button kind of blends into the search/top of the page~~ I missed it the first time I scanned your sidebar for it.

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