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This past Friday, I participated in my first Blog Hop (the one hosted by Crazy for Books), where the participant question was about favorite elements of a blog. I responded that I most enjoy the book reviews; what a notion! ^_^ And while I absolutely believe that "content is king, " I must admit that one of the elements that really interests me is a blog's visuals.

The look and layout of a blog can so often be part of the fun and enjoyment of visiting. I love getting to see the unique styles and reflections of a blogger's personality. It's a bit like themed rooms in a house. Sure, ultimately what one needs and wants is a bed to sleep on / tub to bathe in / stove to cook on...but how fun is it to play with visuals, and enjoy the beauty in the practical?

I looked for some time before I found the current template that I'm using for my blog, and then made a few minimal adjustsments (my html skills are in dire need of an update!). And I have further ideas about how I'd like this space to reflect my vibe, all of which are currently either in my head or sketched into my precious "book-notebook" (more on that at another time). Hopefully I can one day code my way to that goal. Or find a blog designer.

And speaking of designers. I found one that I am in luuuurve with. The duo over at April Showers Blog Design are mad-genius-people. ^_^ April's (the namesake and designer) designs are clean and focused, and draw the eye immediately. They're fun and playful. They reflect a uniqueness in each design they do. If I can scrounge up the change for it, you best believe I'll take it all to these ladies!!!! ^_^

And as for book blog designs I mega dig...I love Parajunkie's View, Zelda's Bookshelf, Escape Between the Pages, The Bookish Snob, Book Lovers, Inc., Smexy Books (though I think it might be all the hot mens there lol), and several others. I love the simplicity of Sniffly Kitty's place, and I love the frenetic energy of Larissa's. I love the subtle changes for the holidays. It's like blog DNA! (or rNA, I dunno). So much fun.

How about you? Are the visuals of a blog of interest to you? What aspects do you enjoy most? Are there blogs whose designs you particularly like?


  1. For me it is not easy to explain. It works a bit like picking out a greeting card, which I am quite good at. I need some sort of connection. With your blog and others I follow because I like what the blogger is doing, share likes and dislikes or relate in some way or another. I never know.


  2. I wanted to read the next book (Clementine), but it was a limited edition print from Subterranean Press. The one after that called Dreadnought I might read. The different books are supposed to focus on other characters so Boneshaker is pretty much a stand-alone that establishes the world.

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