J.R. Ward's LOVER AT LAST Cover Reveal...At Last!

It's the cover reveal heard round the book world! ^_^ 

For many fans of J.R. Ward's paranormal romance series The Black Dagger Brotherhood, the news of a book focusing on the characters Qhuinn and Blay has been a long time coming. When the Warden announced just that earlier this year, she made a lot of ladies and gents happy.

And now, this morning on her Facebook page, she treats us to another awesome announcement on the 11th installment in the series! Sporting the title Lover At Last (so dang apropos, don't you think?), the book cover features the image of Qhuinn (known for his mismatched eye color), hooded and oozing deadliness.

Because I always have to parse things for meaning when I see new covers, I immediately wondered whether there was any particular significance to Qhuinn's actually weilding the sword, an item that has been portrayed on all previous covers as a floating image superimposed over the main image. ::ponders:: But the silver and gold tones to the cover are fabulous and fitting, putting to mind the opposing yet complementary forces both pulling the two characters apart and drawing them together.

I must admit that I myself am about three books behind in the series (Lover Avenged was the last I'd read)…but I've been soooo hoping for a Qhuay book release for a long time, so I'm going to have to read up (and perhaps reread) in order to prepare for the release, currently scheduled for Spring 2013.

What do you think about the cover and title? Have you been eagerly awaiting this particular installment of the DBD series?


  1. I've read the whole series and this is the book I'm most excited about. Spring of 2013 is such a long time to wait :(

    1. Hey Christina! Indeed, it's going to be a long, long wait. for the release. Thank goodness for little treats like this cover/title reveal. ^_^ Cannot wait for the blurb...and then maybe an excerpt

  2. I am literally singing the Etta James song all day because of this!

  3. Well, my wife does not sing the song (luckily), but she really likes the cover, impressive...

    Jan from Hunger Games Summary

    1. ^___^ heheh...

      Yer right, though...impressive cover, especially since it's both stylistically in line with the rest of the covers and unique enough to pay tribute to what will be a very special installment.


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