Armchair BEA Day 1: Introductions First!

Hi ladies and gents! Not only is it the first day of the first full week in June (the best month of the year, if you ask me), it's also the first day of both Book Expo America (BEA) and it's online counterpart, Armchair BEA.

If you're unfamiliar with either, BEA is the biggest book expo in the U.S., which takes place every year in New York City. It's a time when all sorts of people in the bookish world--publishers, book sellers, librarians, authors, journalists, editors, book bloggers, and more--converge to highlight and discuss the most exciting developments in the industry.

Armchair BEA is a companion event, all online, meant to extend the good times to those not attending the main event. It's the third year running, and it's been getting more and more awesome each time. For the next several days, book bloggers and industry folk all over will be talking books and generally cavorting like the bookish geeks we all are. ^_^

Today's Armchair BEA focus is on introductions, naturally. Each Armchair BEA participant chooses five bookish questions out of a set to answer! Check out the five questions I chose to answer, and then feel free to hop around to the posts completed by other participants. It's always fun to see how different people answer the same set of questions (or even noting which questions people choose to answer); I'm personally looking forward to reading peoples responses about the author/character one would love to have dinner with!

So without further ado (I'm gonna skip the "Who Are You" question, since my "About Me" page is here):

What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?
This one's easy: Horizon by Sophie Littlefield (see my review here). It's the final installment of the excellent Aftertime trilogy of books about zombies and survival. The first book was a revelation; the second book was even more exciting than the first; and the third just wrapped things up perfectly. I looove series--because I usually get attached to characters and worlds and love to watch them grow across several installments--but in this case, I can't think of a better ending to a series that never promised a neat, pretty resolution in the first place.

Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.
I absolutely love to watch big, action-packed blockbuster films. When I was younger I used to save up a "Summer Movie Fund" for myself throughout the year, so that when the biggest films came around, I could watch them all. My favorite film is Die Hard (tied with Pride and Prejudice, BBC version. Naturally. ^_^)

What is your favorite feature on your blog (i.e. author interviews, memes, something specific to your blog)?
I really enjoy "Thoughts On" posts, though I tend to do those with the least frequency. I love to talk about the bookish lifestyle, and hear about how our reading habits and selections impact them in non-bookish areas of life.

If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?
I simply must answer this as a two parter. ^_^ I would love to sit down with Jane Austen and pick her brain about the inspiration behind her stories. There are running themes of love conquering all in her tales; and yet, she herself remained single all her life. Was that intentional? Did she write wishfully? Beyond that, Austen wrote about intelligent, charming, magnetic heroines…and I don't care what Charlotte Bronte had to say to the contrary. ^_^
As for characters, I would love to hang out with Merit of the Chicagoland Vampires series. I recall thinking as I read the first book, "Merit and I would SO be besties if she were real!" ^_^ She's got a wonderful sense of humor, a great sense of honor and duty, and identifiable weaknesses and flaws (which is impressive considering she's a vampire with crazy vampire drama surrounding her).

Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?
Before starting a blog, I had never read historical romance (that is, the stuff written in modern day with historical settings). I was afraid I wouldn't like the style, since I'm such a big fan of books actually written way back when (I looove jane Austen). But my book blog buds gave me excellent recommendations, and away I went! Same deal with sci-fi romance and fantasy romance. I've always loved the more hardline stuff, but I've definitely come around to enjoying the addition of romance in all sorts of themes and settings. Nowadays, the majority of what I read has some romantic element in it. I just love love! ^_^


That's it for now, folks! Be sure to visit tomorrow for more Armchair BEA fun (tomorrow is all about giveaways!)


  1. Awesome post! A few of your links are not there: About Me and Horizon review.

    The Chicagoland Vampire Series is amazing! I'd love to meet Merit too.

    Here's my Armchair BEA post for today!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up my m'lady!!! ^____^

  3. It would be amazing to pick Jane Austen's brain. I love how she evolves her romances. No one else can make my heart ache in just the right way like she can.

    And I'm also a sucker for big blockbusters. Sometimes I just want to watch stuff blow up!

    Nice to meet you! Here's my Armchair BEA Intro!

  4. I love action packed movies too! I love all of the superhero/comic movie remakes. I would love to meet Jane Austen as well.

  5. I really like the idea of a summer movie fund. I recently saw Horizon and was intrigued but I didn't realize it was the third. Glad I didn't pick it up and read it or I would have missed out on some big stuff.

    So glad to meet you! Hope to see your around a bit more at Armchair BEA.

  6. Your summer movie fund made smile, because I spent most of high summers at the movie theater!!!!

    Nice to meet you!

  7. I'm definitely a big fan of series as well, but only if they're done in a certain way. I hate it when a book feels like only 1/2 a story and the author cuts it off right in the middle. But well done series? So awesome.

    Here's my post.

  8. I like the addition of romance in my fantasy, sci-fi and historical reads, but I like the more subtle stuff vs the more harlequin like stuff. Have you rea The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley? It is such a good book - historical with a splash of romance - you should read it if you have not already done so.

  9. @The Housework Can Wait: Exactly! Jane Austen is skilled at creating the butterflies in the tummy and the nervous excitement for pure love. And yes, big movie 'splosions are part of the perfect escape!

    @Dani Beth: Indeed, comic book movies been on an absolute roll lately (well, except for the odd flop here and there::cough cough Green Lantern cough:: I hope you've watched the Avengers in all its awesome comic book glory!

    @ephrielle (btw, such a beautiful name!!): These days, the summer movie fund is harder to spread across the whole summer movie season. No more matinee pricing and Tuesday night specials means way fewer visits to the theater. ^_^ But anyway....I really hope you'll check out Aftertime...and if you do, I hope you enjoy!

    @Sandy Cox: Yay! ^_^ yeah, the summer movie fund idea began at university. What better way to pass the scorching hot homework-free nights than at the air conditioned movie theater? heheh

    @Sophie Littlefield: ^___^ Thank you for the awesomeness of your work!

    @Ashley: Yep. There's an art to series arranging, I think the cutoff between stories is crucial; it's like a film or can mean the difference between someone eagerly awaiting the next installment and someone swearing off any more of the series.

    @ibeeeq: I totally agree! There's something very satisfying about the addition of at least a hint of romance. Done well, it can add a wonderful dimension to whatever genre. I have not yet read (or heard of) The Winter Sea...but it's so going on the TBR list now. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  10. Always love a Die Hard fan, such a great movie!


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