Thoughts On: Borrowing

Who would you rather borrow from? Your library? Or a Friend?
(Or don’t your friends trust you to return their books?)
And, DO you return books you borrow?
(Question from Nov. 18 "Booking Through Thursday" meme)

When it comes to book borrowing, I most certainly prefer borrowing my books from the library. Having spent five years working for various libraries, I'm way beyond convinced of the ease with which one can procure reading material. I have a huge selection of titles from which to choose. I get to lolligag in one of my favorite environments and indulge in a type of "shopping." I can get no-pressure book recommendations from knowledgeable staff. I can renew (remotely; yay technology!) if I need more time to read...and quite honestly, I prefer the prospect of a late fee over an ornery friend or colleague. ^_^

I rarely borrow books from friends, even when they are specifically offered to big reason being that I feel (self-imposed) pressure of sorts. I don't mind my own books being well-loved, with cracks in the spine or folded pages (it's naturally what happens when reading a book, after all)...but for some reason I freak out about similarly affecting someone else's book. I also feel a little pressure when someone offers to lend me a book they "absolutely loved." I know it makes little sense, but if I accept someone's generous offer of lending their beloved book, I feel a tinge guilty if I end up not liking or (gasp!) not finishing. Hm. I don't quite understand my own hangups, since I will lend books freely and don't mind if they take a long while to come back to me.

What I really enjoy is a permanent book swap. I finish reading a book and swap it with a friend or colleague (or two of my husband's cousins, who share my book preferences ^_^). The book becomes mine, there are no time-lines attached, and if I don't like the title I can swap it away again. Easy-peasy!

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