Showing Some Needy Love at Book Lovers, Inc.

Book Lovers Inc Man, am I ever excited to finally be able to bust out some happy news I've been wanting to share for a while! Today, I've been officially added to the awesome book blogging team known as Book Lovers, Inc.  BLI has easily been my favorite book blog, with a freaking rockstar band of blogger contributors, a great community of readers, and fantastic content not easily matched elsewhere. Indeed, "fortunate" and "blessed" are just two ways of many to describe how I feel about being counted amongst its ranks.

But anywho, I'll be providing contributions as "The Needy Lover"--'cos really, is there anything better than having that need to read? ^_^ Also being brought on at the same time is Anna of Books to Brighten Your Mood. She's the Coffee Lover, and she is pure, undiluted awesomeness...a bright spirit, as her blog name suggests. It's a pleasure to have the pleasure to work with her, as well as with all of the other Book Lovers.

If you have not yet been acquainted with the Book Lovers, I'd highly recommend you do; the site is constantly teeming with book reviews, author interviews, giveaways, news on the book world, and all sorts of reading-related special features.

So rock on. I'll be here at MNtR, and I'll be there at BLI. I hope to see you at both places!


  1. Congrats! I'm not familiar with that group blog, so I"ll have to check it out!

  2. @Blodeuedd - Thank you, m'lady!

    @Crowe - Thanks! Should definitely check it out. Good times, fun place for other readers and bloggers to chat up books.


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