Guest Post: Author Tonya Macalino (plus Giveaway!)

I'm very pleased to welcome today Tonya Malacino, author of the paranormal romance Spectre of Intention. She gives a bit of insight on the romantic entanglements at the heart of the book...along with the motivations at the heart of the main character. Intense? Yes'm. 

The Other Triangle

In SPECTRE OF INTENTION the primary love triangle has the main character, security consultant Kaitlin Osgood, torn between two men: Stephan Chen, the bad boy of her past with whom she shares a deeply intimate mental connection. Will he draw her back into the hell that was once her life of crime? And on the other side, Cam Glaswell, the charismatic white knight who represents all her hopes for the future. But will he discover the secrets of her past and destroy the life she has worked so hard to build? 

Each tasty.
Each a dangerous choice in his own way.
Tough call.

But there is a second trio of loves beneath the first. Slightly less carnal. No less intense. Kaitlin is also caught between her mentor and savior, Jessie Broadbent, and his lieutenant, Gerard O’Connell. Kaitlin worships Jessie and he is utterly devoted to her in the manner of pure courtly romance, neither lips shall touch, nor hands shall meet. 

But at the same time, she will forever stand outside the brotherhood of comrades-in-arms that Jessie shares with Gerard. And Gerard with his bawdy wall of crude insinuations intends to keep it that way. Except it is a little hard for him not to care about the focus of all his own hero’s concerns…the little-girl-lost he keeps glimpsing behind Kaitlin’s boardroom exec exterior. 

So careful not to cross those lines.
Together every day. 
No one standing in the way.

How might things have turned out differently if they’d never won that fateful contract? 

Rock on. I'm all about the intricate relationships between two (or three) strong characters.  If that doesn't make you want to read Spectre of Intention, I dunno what will. ^_^ A big thanks to Tonya Macalino for visiting MNtR today.

And now, it's time for the giveaway... for the Spectre of Intention tour, two amazing prize packs are up for grabs. The more stops on the tour that you visit (see 'em all here), the more chances to win. Yippee!!

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  1. Thanks for hosting me, Alisha! And I apologize for being so slow with the note, apparently my browser didn't want post comments! Take care and have a wonderful Fall!


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