While We're At It...July 26 '11

Lately, I've been finding it a tad difficult to really get into the books I'm reading. I start a book only to put it down a few days later to start a new read. Thing is, the books aren't bad...I think I'm just experiencing a short attention span (seasonal, perhaps?). ^_^ But what that all means is that I've got several "currently reading" books on the line...10, to be precise. But I've officially put 5 "on hold" and am crawling my way through the following...

Shadowfever, by Karen Marie Moning
This is the most active read of the "currently reading" bunch. It's tough to put down, with its frequent introduction of twists and reveals. I'm still not sold on Barrons, though (I know, I'm probably all by myself in that sentiment ^_^)...he's still mostly just an asshat, to me.

So far, this is actually a great book. Moves rather slowly, though...so I've been "sneaking" in another book between every few chapters of this one. ^_^ Angel is a riot. And I love the concept. And the cover of the book? I'm still trying to find it poster-sized!

Love and Protect, by Naima Simone
This is definitely one steamy read. As a romantica title, it's doing a decent job of infusing sweet charm with the spice. That said, I'm hoping there'll be more focus on the main mystery as the story progress.

The Book of Awful, by Roomi Moondi
I really like Ms. Moondi's sense of humor. She's self-deprecating and affable. I can't say that I'd mused on the featured topics before beginning this book, but having now read some of her thoughts on them, I completely agree. ^_^ I dig a book that makes me want to sit down with the author for a chat. 

Danann Frost Falls From Grace, by Joanne Valiukas
This is a lengthy book, and it seems to be a "love it or hate it" type deal. As it stands, I'm not a big fan of the hero and heroine. But the overall plot arc is rather neat...epic in scope.

...so that's it for now. I'm trying to impose a "no new books until all current ones are done" rule...wish me luck. ^_^

Whatcha reading at the moment? Lovin' it (or leavin' it)?

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