Review: Wild by Naomi Clark

Title: Wild
Series: Vargulf trilogy, #1
Genres/Themes: urban fantasy, drug addiction, werewolves
Author: Naomi Clark

Quick Take:
With a very different and unique sort of approach for its genre, this book breaks up the routine in a fascinating and engaging way. Recommended for those UF fans that can handle a darker subject matter and a touch more realism with their fantasy.

Book Description (via author site): 
Lizzie Creighton ran away from her life a year ago, wanting to escape the pressures of university and just party. And that’s exactly what she did.      But now she's sick of the world she's fallen into – the drink, the drugs, the violence – and she's desperate to start again. The chance to do it comes from the last source she could ever imagine. After her deadbeat boyfriend steals her car and abandons her in the dead of night, Lizzie is bitten by a wolf. And suddenly her next fix is her last problem.     Now, caught between Nick Doyle, the outcast werewolf who claims he can save her, and Seth Weaver, the favourite son of the blue-blood werewolf royalty, Lizzie must decide what kind of werewolf she wants to be.

So, lemme just get down to it. This book is tough to nail down. ^_^ And I really, really dig that. It's not your typical...well, anything. From the protagonist and the premise to the plot progression and romantic elements, Wild certainly doesn't follow genre formulas. In fact, for a piece of genre fiction, this tale has quite a few elements closer to literary fiction than anything else. The pacing and narrative focus in particular were slower, less action-driven (of the high-octane sort, at least) and more introspective of the main character. The story presents many possible directions: as I was reading, I honestly didn't know what to expect next.

This is not a particularly happy tale...but it's certainly engaging. Protagonist Lizzie Creighton isn't fooling anyone, including herself--she's addicted. To drugs, to a cycle of self-destructive behavior, to poor judgement and no-good relationships. What she goes through is tough, not sugar-coated. It doesn't seem to be written as overtly shocking or cautionary, either, something I appreciated. For much of the book (the first half at the very least), this is really an observation of the very human struggles of a young woman, with supernatural flavoring slowly added in.

Moving through the book, I was never quite sure if things would be okay for Lizzie...even with her best of intentions. How refreshing it was to not have that forgone conclusion of an HEA being served on a silver platter! Now, don't get me wrong...I love m'self an HEA. But this story progresses in such a way that there is no easy fix right around the corner. It really will take the whole trilogy to figure out what's what! :o)

The supernatural elements were intriguing, as well. In this world, there are Kurtadam (born werewolves), and Vargulf (made werewolves). Through the lenses of Lizzie's experience, the reader is brought into a whole new realm of behavior and existence. I rather liked how it was built upon throughout the book. As  mentioned previously, this book doesn't start out an urban fantasy, but does a good job of transitioning into one.

If this first installment is any indication, its sequel (and the book after that) will be awesome. It'll be dark, it will challenge, it will be full of action and excitement. I can't wait to find out what comes next!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
"I really liked it."

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  1. I wonder where she got the name for the trilogy, cos yes it does mean werewolf. The old name for wolf and the new name for wolf both in one (in Swedish that is). But that is not the correct word in the end. Interesting. Lol, yes I went on about something totally different

  2. Awesome, thanks! Learning something everyday. Now I needs to go and find out more. ^_^

  3. Oooh! I just did a little digging, and discovered that kurt adam means "wolf man" in Turkish. I love how Ms. Clark draws upon some folk knowledge for her para worlds. She does her research! ^_^

  4. l wasn't sure about this book but l can see the second book will be better!


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