Guest Post: Author L.A. Burton

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It was really hard trying to figure out what to write about. But when Alisha asked ‘what do you do when you’re not writing?’ I thought, but I’m always working on something. So, I’m going to combine a few of her questions.

Well, when I think about my days they are very busy. I have a part-time job and above all else, I’m a mother and a wife. But I’m also my daughter's at-home teaching coach for her on-line school. I workout with my teenage daughter. My daughter and I do a lot together. My husband works third shift and has been for going-on twelve years.

To answer the question "what do I do on my down time?" I really don’t have down time. I always have paper and pencil; either I’m writing notes for a current book or a next book. But at this time, I’m working on a book and doing research for my other project, which is a YA book series. The main character of that series is a blind vampire.

I do squeeze-in working in my flowerbeds and my vegetable garden. I also started on researching my family tree, which I have found very interesting. I found out that I’m a direct descendant of Anna Boleyn. Other research: I also am a practicing witch and have been for two decades, which scares the hell out of my family.

So, I never really take time away from my writing; it’s too much a part of who I am.


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A big, HUGE thank you to Ms. Burton for visiting MNtR! Her book, Storm of Magick (Logan Wolf Chronicles, Book 1), is available on Amazon and Smashwords...and will be followed up by the forthcoming sequel, Blood on the Moon.

A description of Storm of Magick:
     What would you say if you found out a half vampire half fairie hybrid existed? Impossible! Yeah, I thought the same thing.
     Logan’s not your average witch. For one thing, she can’t control her magic. For another, she’s just broken a major magical law (which sucks). Now if that secret gets out she will become the hunted. Jack the Ripper’s surgical kit has been stolen and his spirit is in control of a human and now he is recreating the White Chapel murders. Will Logan find Jack before he tries to kill her? Logan’s really having a hell of a week. Some days she should just stay in bed.


  1. Cool, so you are related to Anne Boleyn :D Via her siblings or? Nice

  2. Yes I her 18 cousin through my father the Adams.


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