Book Trailer Love: Sophie Littlefield's Aftertime Series

So, I'm not usually one to look at book trailers. My think has been, if I'm looking to read a book, why would I want to watch something that could alter what my imagination might've come up with--the very reason why I'm very wary of watching book-to-film adaptations before having read the source books.

But on a lark, I decided to watch the book trailer for Sophie Littlefield's Aftertime series; specifically, for the second book, entitled Rebirth. And indeed, it is a big bundle of awesomeness. Check it out below.

What most excites me is the glimpse of the third book, Horizon. I swear, I could hug the artist(s) who created this trio of covers. I definitely can't wait to have all three sitting together on my bookshelf. ^_^

Note: It looks like Ms. Littlefield is holding a contest along with the trailer's release, so feel free to check out the deets on her blog post.

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